Sharon’s sun-dried or semi-dried tomatoes/ recipe & image by Sharon Minkoff

A fantastic accompaniment and a brilliant way to make any tasteless tomatoes you may have taste absolutely delicious.

Firstly, make sure that all the tomatoes are healthy. Then simply cut them in half, lay them cut side up on a rack, and sprinkle on a bit of salt.  You can also add some fresh herbs if you have them – thyme, oregano etc. Then, if you are lucky enough to live somewhere hot and dry, put them directly in the sun and leave them there to dry for a few days.  You might want to cover them to keep the bugs off but make sure they are ventilated both underneath and above. Bring them inside at night so the damp night air doesn’t get to them.

If you don’t live in a hot climate then simply put them into the oven on thelowest setting for about 6-8 hours.  Test to see how dry they are and decide how you like them. You can dry them out completely or leave them slightly moist and chewy. It’s up to you.

Either way, unless you dry them out totally, you will need to store them in the fridge in olive oil. You can choose to add garlic or herbs at this point if you wish, but they really are wonderful just as they are.

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