Pasta Primavera a la Chef Oren Goldwasser

150 grams fresh spaghetti / 120 grams dry spaghetti

1finely chopped garlic clove

2 Calamata olives, stoned and chopped

2 thin slices of hot pepper

3 cherry tomatoes, halved

3 crushed mushrooms

5 broccoli florets

3-4 green beans

1 grilled artichoke heart, quartered

Handful of chopped parsely

salt, pepper, grated parmesan

Cook pasta according to directions.

Heat 1tbsp. olive oil in a frying pan together with all vegetables except artichoke and parsley. When garlic begins to brown, add half a cup of the spaghetti water.

Add artichoke and seasoning, and cook over a high flame.

Taste and adjust seasoning as soon as the mixture thickens. Add parsley and parmesan with another tbsp. of olive oil.

Stir once more, and serve on a heated platter.

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