Fujiko’s Teriyaki Chicken/ Recipe & image by Fujiko Muraoka

My very first newsletter in January 2013, had a write up about firing in an Anagama kiln. One of the lidded bowls from that firing, made its way to England and I am happy to be to share Fujiko’s photo (using this bowl as well as a blue Michael Minkoff bowl ) and recipe. Chicken Teriyaki is a favourite with both old and young due to its slightly sweet taste and lovely aroma, it is the perfect dish for autumn and takes no time to prepare!

4 chicken thighs or breasts, cut in half, season with a bit of salt and pepper then put into marinade.


4 generous tbsp soy sauce,

4 generous tbsp Mirin (sweet Japanese rice wine) or if Mirin is not available white wine and 1 teaspoon of sugar or honey

*You can add a bit of chilli if you prefer spicy food, this is not traditional but it’s up to you

Marinade the chicken for around 20mins  then grill  or pan fry ( make sure you add some of the marinade to the pan when frying) that’s all!

Fujiko has served hers with steamed broccoli and carrots and a side of rice & peas – cook rice as usual, and add peas 5 minutes before the end.

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