Fried baby beetroot and chickpea salad with a coriander and cumin dressing/ Recipe from Ali Benamar’s Family Flavours

Although this is a simple salad it does require some over-night preparation, if you have the patience to follow Ali’s instruction you will be rewards with a beautiful salad, full of textures and flavours

  • 500 gms chickpeas, soaked in water over-night
  • Bunch of baby beetroot (6-8) preferably of similar size and with the stalks on. Cut the leaves leaving approx  2cm of the stalk,leave the root and the skin, wash well, cut in half and leave to dry on a paper towel over night.

Bring the water to the boil in a pot with a pinch of salt,add the chickpeas and boil until they are soft and crunchy, making sure they are not over cooked.strain and leave to cool

  • In a small bowl mix the beetroot halves with a pinch of salt,pinch of cumin, pinch of flour and two tsp sunflower oil, mix till they are well coated.

Put a few glugs of vegetable in a pan and once the oil is hot add the beetroot and fry for 15-20 minutes. Leave to cool, remove from the oil and pat dry. The stems of the beetroot become crunchy and look like lace when fried, whilst the rest of it softens and sweetens, giving this salad its special texture and appearence

  • In a mid-size bowl mix the cooled beetroot , chickpeas, a bunch of chopped coriander,1/2 tsp cumin,1/4 tsp salt,1/4 tsp black pepper,1/2 tsp sweet paprika, 1/4tsp Ras al Hanout, 4 tbsp olive oil , give it a good mix and serve.

This salad is ndelicious served sprinkled with feta and some fresh mint leaves.

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