Time to put a lid on it…

In a recent newsletter I briefly highlighted the art of throwing, so I thought it would be good to continue with a little more technical information, this time about lids. When it comes to making a pottery lid that fits – it is an art that one masters over time.
There are several types of lid that are used when throwing pottery. Apart from being a focal point of interest, lids require a certain amount of consideration.. You need to create a lid that fits the pot both actually and aesthetically. If the pot is a functional piece such as a casserole, the lid must also function as efficiently and effectively as possible. The main lid styles are:
Cup lids- the earliest and simplest form – they ‘ride’ over the outside edge of the pot
Inset lids- that sit on an internal ledge formed when throwing the pot.
Domed lids- also sit on an internal ledge or with a seating on top of  the rim. They tend to be elegant in shape and stronger, so are good for larger pots.
Stopper lids-similar to cup lids,  but the entire lid sits inside a V-shaped neck and acts as a stopper
Personally I make and prefer the domed over-edge lid. I make sure it fits well and barely shifts on its seating, and I like it to extend slightly over the edge of the pot, especially if I’m making a casserole. It works very well for teapots too!
I often combine a flat inset lid style with the seating of a domed over-edge lid, which makes for a very good fit. Occasionally when I make small lidded jars that are cylindrical, I use a flat inset lid with a knob on top – nice and simple!

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