I had been attracted to pottery-making from a young age. So in 1989, having achieved a first degree in Biology I took a gap year in London, and decided to do something about it. I headed for the local craft centre, enrolled in a pottery class and was hooked immediately. I quickly progressed from making hand-built pots of various sizes to throwing on the potter’s wheel, and spent so many hours at the workshop that they even gave me a job!
In 1994 I opened my own workshop where I create and teach.
It took me a while to catch up with technology but finally, in 2013, I set up my website www.michaelminkoffpottery.com as well as a monthly newsletter about interesting people, places, artists and pottery, and a section called ‘In my plate’ consisting of a recipe accompanied by images of the results on my dishes. ‘In my plate’ seems to have really caught on, and I have decided to collate all the recipes, photos and pottery articles in this , my blog, which will be updated regularly, together with the newsletter.
I love cooking  (and I love eating) so I’m always on the lookout for interesting recipes. If you have one to share, please email me at michaelminkoff@gmail.com If you also have some Michael Minkoff pottery and can send me an image as well as a recipe – that would be really fantastic!
My wares are also on sale in my Etsy shop: michaelminkoffpotter and can be shipped worldwide.

Hope you enjoy my blog. Happy reading and happy cooking.

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